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Our Off-Site Labs

LensometerWe utilize Carl Zeiss Vision’s Lab and Essilor’s (Varilux) Lab located here in the Phoenix area. This gives us the quality, expertise, and craftsmanship you expect with the personal attention of a local laboratory. We get the best of both worlds—all the resources and technologies of a leading global company combined with the personal service of a small business. Their surfacing, coating, and lens edging equipment is second to none in the world and brings us over 150 years of advanced research, innovation, and technology.

So for complex jobs requiring advanced coatings or lenses we use these local laboratories. Beware of other optical stores who attempt to make lenses in a day or two. They must “cheat” by using cheap coatings which are not produced in a “clean room” but instead use small boxes or even just inexpensive resins to produce their lenses and coatings. The result is a lens with distortions and an optically impure surface. Their coatings often peel or flake off the surface leaving you with what appears to be scratched lenses. Our coating will not peel or flake off the surface—guaranteed!

Carl Zeiss laboratories use the largest and most advanced high vacuum anti-relection coating system in the world. Its state-of-the-art tech and superior dependability, backed by over 65 years of experience in AR coatings, make this system on of a kind. There is a reason Carl Zeiss is considered the best in optics throughout the world and companies such as Sony, Humphrey’s Medical, and even NASA use their products. They are the best—PERIOD! Remember, they invented anti-reflection coatings.

Our In-Office Finishing Lab

In Lab 02In Lab 01We have a full finishing laboratory onsite, inside our office. This in-office optical lab allows us to offer our patients emergency service and repairs as well as same day replacement of lenses when necessary. Our expert lab technicians can cut and edge lenses to fit any frame using any of the most advanced lens designs.

When we say it’s a full service finishing lab, we mean FULL! We utilize a state-of-the-art 3D Frame Tracer which allows us to trace out any ophthalmic frame in 3D space and send the specifications and image to our 3D Lens Edger. The edger can then cut the lens to precisely fit the frame with any type of bevel we desire. This allows us to cleverly “hide” edges for stronger prescriptions so the lenses appear thinner and cosmetically more appealing.

We have just about every tool needed to repair your eyeglasses when emergencies occur or, if repair is not an option, we can make you a new pair while you wait. From Ultrasonic Cleaners to Ultra Violet Spectrophotometers we can make sure both your eyeglasses and sunglasses fit perfectly and look their best. When you purchase sunglasses from our office, you can be assured that you will get 100% protection from all UV light to protect your eyes from the sun and lessen the likelihood of developing cataracts and macular degeneration.

Lens coatings and lens materials are what separates our products from other labs and optical establishments. Our Ahwatukee optometrists offer the most advanced lens materials in the world which are manufactured to precise standards. This not only allows you to see better, but makes your glasses more comfortable, lighter weight, and thinner. Visit our eyeglass lenses page for more information and examples of many of the types of lens materials and coatings available.